Amazing tech. Irresistible design.

Unlike anything you've ever experienced

Always the best view

Setting up the Lollipop is a breeze. Secure it to baby crib, attach it to the wall or stand it up on a flat surface. As baby grows, move it around to catch their every move.

Your New Gig - Baby DJ

Playing calming white noise and classical music with the Lollipop's built-in sound machine. Picks from hits such as "vacumn" and "hairdryer".

Your New Gig-Baby DJ

Safe and Sound

Pair the Lollipop camera with our matching sensor to log temperature, humidity and air quality levels. If anything changes in baby world, you're the first to know.


The Most Powerful Ever

We aim to be the best in our class! More features . More powerful

Live View

Curious what's happening in baby's world? Look at the Lollipop live feed on your tablet or smartphone check on baby from anywhere you are.

Cry Detection

The Lollipop can tell the difference between ambient noises like wind and when your child needs attention. If baby cries when you’re out of the room, you’ll receive an alert to let you know.

Cross Detection

Set a border inside the camera view to track movements in your baby’s crib. If anything happens outside the border, for instance if baby’s leg gets stuck, you’ll be notified.

Data History

Does your little one fuss at the same time every day? Or does something specific make them upset? The longer you use the Lollipop, the more you’ll learn.


Invite friends and family to take a peek at baby with a link to the Lollipop's live camera view, or send a link to a pre-recorded video of a specific event.

Event List

The Lollipop saves a 30-second video(7 days) of significant events such as crying or environmental alerts. This means if anything unusual happens, you can go back and review.

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The Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor is a great looking Wifi baby monitor that is well built and comes with tons of great features.
Samantha Woodworth
Tech Reviewer - Baby Gear
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