Worldwide Most Widely Used Smart Home Standard

Global . Secured . Connected

KNX is the most widely used smart home standard with more than 400 members, 7000 certified products and millions of KNX installation worldwide. It is open protocol, encrypted and can be seamlessly interface to any other protocol in the market.

Worldwide Standardisation

the only system that complies to major worldwide standards

International Standard

ISO/IEC14543-3-1 to 7

European Standard

CENELEC EN50090 and CEN EN 13321-1 and 13321-2

Chinese Standard

GB/T 20965

USA Standard


Australian and New Zealand Technical Specification


International Standard, Therefore Future Proof

the only smart home system that complies to major standards worldwide from International, European, USA, Chinese, Australia and New Zealand.

Guarantees Interoperability & Interworking

KNX certification process ensure different products from different manufacturers operate and communicate with each other perfectly which in turns offers limitless integration.

KNX Stands For High Quality

KNX requires high level of production and quality control during all stage of product's life. Therefore all manufacturing members have to show compliance with ISO 9001.

Manufacturer Independent Software ETS ®

system integrator is able to combine products from different manufacturer into one installation thanks to its ETS®, manufacturer independent PC software for design, engineering and configuration.

All Types of Application Areas

KNX can be used for all possible functions or applications in home and building control ranging from lighting, shutter, security, air conditioning, monitoring, water control, energy mangement, metering as well as household appliances, audio and lots more.

Fit For Use In Different Kind of Buildings

KNX can be used in both new as well as existing buildings. KNX installations can therefore be easily extended and adapted to meet new requirements, with little time and financial investment. (i.e. when new tenants move into a commercial building)

Supports Different Configuration Modes

KNX supports both Easy installation (E-mode) done without the help of a PC as well as System installation (S-mode) planning of the installation and configuration via ETS software.

Supports Several Communication

. KNX TP (separate bus cable) . KNX PL (existing mains network) . RF & IP (radio signals, Ethernet or WIFI)

Can Be Coupled to Other Systems

KNX can be easily coupled to other non-KNX based building automation systems i.e. BACnet, DALI, etc via gateways offered by KNX manufacturers.

Independent From Any Hard-or-Soft Technology

KNX can be realised on any microprocessor platform. KNX can be implemented from scratch and the use of KNX standard is completely FREE of additional royalty fees for KNX members.

Introduction of KNX

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